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October 2013

SSI serves security installing contractors providing systems and services; surveillance, access control, biometrics, fire alarm and home control/automation. Coverage in commercial and residential product applications, designs, techniques, operations.

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SECURITY SW J Z CIENCE WIRN 3. ALL SYSTEM GROUNDING SHALL BE IN ACCORDANCE WITH … a) Articles 72 and 2075 b) Articles 250 and 800 c) Articles 1023 and 985 d) Articles 681 and 827 4. WHAT IS THE PERCENTAGE OF ZINC THAT MUST BE USED BY WEIGHT WHEN COATING WITH A COLD GALVANIZED PAINT FOR FIELD WELDS AND BRAZING ON ENCLOSURES, CONDUITS AND FACTORY GALVANIZED BOXES? a) 15% b) 25% c) 52% d) 95% 5. FIDELITY BONDS REIMBURSE THE EMPLOYER FOR WHAT TYPES OF LOSSES? a) Burglary b) Employee theft of cash, embezzlement, employee theft of other property and securities c) Robbery d) Only scheduled items on your policy 80 7. WHEN INSTALLING A FIBEROPTIC SIGNAL SYSTEM THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS CABLE TYPE IS THE … a) Glass insulation b) The glass fber itself c) The actual distance of the cable length d) The extremely low effciency of this cable type 8. FOR THE DESIGN OF VIDEO SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS, WHAT ARE THE TWO FUNDAMENTAL TYPES OF LIGHT AND HEAT SOURCES? a) Sun and moon b) Starlight and low light c) Artifcial and natural d) IR and UV lighting 9. WHEN INSTALLING AND TROUBLESHOOTING VIDEO SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW THE LOW AND HIGH IMPEDANCES OF VIDEO MONITOR CONNECTIONS AND TERMINATIONS. THE LOW AND HIGH IMPEDANCES ARE GENERALLY QUANTIFIED AS FOLLOWS … a) Low 750 ohms and high 100,000250,000 ohms b) Low 500 ohms and high 10,000125,000 c) Low 75 ohms and high 10,000-100,000 d) Low 75 ohms and high 7,500-9,500 10. FOR COLOR CATHODE RAY TUBE (CRT) COMPONENTS, WHAT WOULD BE A COMPONENT THAT YOU WOULD EXPECT TO FIND WITH THIS EQUIPMENT? a) Electron beams focus to form one color pixel cluster / SECURITY SALES.COM / OCTOBER 2013 b) Electron beam focusing control c) Horizontal defection motor d) Horizontal refection coil 11. A VECTORSCOPE IS DESIGNED TO EVALUATE … a) Outside lighting conditions b) Inside lighting conditions c) Color parameters using the standard color bar signal with 75% amplitude d) Color parameters using the superior standard color bar signal with 57% amplitude 12. THE TWO GENERAL CLASSIFICATIONS OF SIGNAL DISTORTION IN CCTV SYSTEMS ARE … a) Black-and-white and color b) IP and analog c) EMI and RFI d) Linear and nonlinear Security Science ANSWER KEY 2. LIQUIDATED DAMAGES, LIMITATION OF LIABILITY, AND THIRD PARTY INDEMNIFICATION CLAUSES ARE WHAT YOU WOULD NORMALLY EXPECT TO FIND IN … a) Licensing laws, statutes and standards b) An alarm contract c) UL standards d) NFPA standards 6. DSP IS THE CCTV ACRONYM FOR a) Digital signal processing b) Digital signal photo-beam c) Data security protection d) Digital signal protocol 10. A 11. C 12. D 1. UL STANDARDS REQUIRE THAT CENTRAL STATIONS MAINTAIN THEIR RECORDS FOR AT LEAST … a) Indefnitely b) Three years c) As per the requirements of the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) d) One year 7. B 8. C 9. C Quick QUIZ RECORDS & INVENTORY REMINDERS • Randomly check your subscriber contracts to ensure that everything is executed by your subscriber and that all paperwork is in order. • Randomly check your work orders to analyze and evaluate if they are flled out properly and that your technicians are following your procedures. • Meet with your insurance agent at least once per year to determine if you have suffcient coverages for each aspect of your business. • Consistently provide training to each of your employees and document all training provided in their employee fles. • Maintain stringent inventory controls to minimize loss. • Track bad out-of-the-box equipment, and returns, so that you are not paying twice for this equipment, and so you do not get back repaired equipment when you are entitled to new equipment. 4. D 5. B 6. A Jeffrey D. Zwirn, CPP, CFPS, CFE, DABFET, CHS-III, SET, RI, is a forensic alarm industry expert and President of Teaneck, N.J.-based IDS Research & Development Inc. He can be reached at (201) 287-0900 or This column is not intended as legal advice and should not be construed as such. 1. D 2. B 3. B ITH EFF

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