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October 2013

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AUDIO VERIFICATION PHOTO: ŠISTOCKPHOTO.COM appreciation of the provider's technology accuracy and alarm verifcation support. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, of the 38 million alarm activations ofcers respond to each year, 94%-98% can be attributed to false alarms. Tis not only results in losses of both taxpayer-funded work time and money in a community, but also in a loss of law enforcement ofcials' trust in the validity of alarms in general when responding to calls. However, impact-activated audio allows monitoring specialists to immediately verify whether a break-in is in progress or if a false alarm has sounded, giving police real-time intelligence as they respond to the scene. "From a reliability standpoint, certainly what separates Sonitrol from other Audio impact technology can alarm companies is the cruidentify a break-in in progress, cial and accurate information thereby reducing false alarms, hastening response and intruder that is provided to law enforcement ofcers on the way to a apprehensions by police. scene," Winner says. "Security is no longer a guessing game and because our method of alarm verifcation keeps false alarm dispatch rates so low, Sonitrol verifed alarms are given a higher priority at local police departments. Te average police response time is 85% faster when responding to Sonitrol's verifed security alarms." LOUD PRAISE FOR IMPACT AUDIO PROVIDER In addition to partnering with law enforcement, Sonitrol credits its heightened level of attentiveness and quality customer service in allowing the company to thrive the past Case History: Bad Trip for Drug Thieves O ffcers apprehended two suspects after Sonitrol's impact-activated audio detected activity at Health Smart Pharmacy in Pensacola, Fla., on Aug. 6, 2013. Operator Kenny Williams received the impact audio alert from inside the building shortly after 2 a.m. From the central monitoring station, Williams heard some unusual initial sounds followed by silence. After hearing no additional audio following the initial impact, he reset the alarm and continued to monitor the account. When the system activated a second time with the sounds of breaking glass and other intrusion sounds, Williams dispatched the Okaloosa Sherriff's offce to the scene. Offcers quickly arrived at Health Smart Pharmacy to fnd signs of forced entry; however, there were no suspects at the scene. Immediately, the offcers soon began reviewing video from the site to fnd that the suspect had parked his truck in front of the building. Sherriff's offcers pulled the license plate from the video and within 20 minutes the suspect was pulled over and apprehended for theft, as well as driving under the infuence of narcotics. 62 / SECURITYSALES.COM / OCTOBER 2013 Case History: Intervention Saves Offcer's Life O ffcers apprehended two suspects and saved the life of a policeman and business owner after Sonitrol's impact-activated audio detected activity at a Nevada-based international event planning business. One morning in 2011, at the Sonitrol of Southern Nevada central station, an operator began to hear unusual sounds coming from the protected building. The business' owner/president received a call from the operator alerting her to the disturbance and, having experienced successful apprehensions as a result of Sonitrol in the past, she quickly drove to the facility to meet authorities. The operator stayed on the line with the customer until she arrived at the building. There were 12 police cars that had responded to the scene, and the owner was notifed that a foot pursuit was underway. The owner entered the facility to inspect the damage, requesting a policeman escort her through the building, which was now a crime scene. The next thing she remembered hearing was, "MAN DOWN!" A second suspect who had been hiding in a closet jumped on and attacked the offcer. Continuing to monitor the sounds from the scene, Sonitrol's operator at the central station notifed police dispatch that an offcer was being attacked inside the facility. The operator's call to dispatch resulted in the apprehension of the fnal suspect and likely saved the offcer's life. 50 years. Here are a couple of testimonials: "Sonitrol is the best in the industry. Te staf is very responsive. When an alarm is tripped at one of our homes or at one of our restaurants, they call us right away," says Roger Glass, owner of Marion's Piazza in Dayton, Ohio, serviced by Sonitrol of Southwest Ohio. "In 38 years, we have never had any issues with Sonitrol, and that is why we are such a loyal customer." "I was impressed with the knowledgeable sales team, installation crew and central station staf, and especially the way they operated like a family," says Scott Aronof of Prasco Laboratories, headquartered in Cincinnati and also serviced by Sonitrol of Southwest Ohio. "Communication is key to me and everyone I have interacted with [at Sonitrol] has risen to the level that I expect from a security partner. Prasco's motto is, 'Do good, do well,' and I feel Sonitrol does things right, in a responsible and ethical fashion. From the top down, they act as a partner, not just a vendor." Be sure to read the three actual case histories accompanying this article for real-life examples of how Sonitrol's audio impact technology and monitoring has kept customers' property and persons safe, as well as assisted law enforcement in the name of public safety. For more information or to see about becoming involved with a Sonitrol franchise, visit Chuck Harrelson is President of the Sonitrol National Dealers Association (SNDA). He can be reached at

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