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October 2013

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MANAGEMENT Audio Verification Equals PHOTO COURTESY SONITROL More Apprehensions by Ron Ouimette F or decades, Sonitrol has defned itself as a security company known for the apprehension of burglars and intruders. Since opening the frst franchise in June 1964, Sonitrol's unique impactactivated, audio intrusion detection technology has provided business customers and homeowners with wall-to-wall, foor-to-ceiling protection with real-time monitoring and alarm verifcation. Te key beneft to impact-activated audio security systems is their ability to monitor an entire space with early detection and verifcation of an intrusion. Tis results in a much quicker law enforcement response time that leads to apprehensions. Unlike conventional alarm systems, which may only rely on door switches and motion sensors to trigger an alarm transmission, Sonitrol's audio-based verifed alarms provide detection for all points of entry — including windows, vents, ceilings and roofs. Each activation is then directly monitored by trained audio specialists to confrm the authenticity of a break-in or incident of property vandalism before dispatching local law enforcement. With countless cities and municipalities facing substantial budget defcits, the beneft of Sonitrol's approach to alarm verifcation has become increasingly signifcant. Tis audio impact technology can positively identify a break-in — in progress — thereby reducing the costly occurrences of false alarms and achieving more apt response and intruder apprehensions by law enforcement. 58 / SECURITYSALES.COM / OCTOBER 2013 One of the earliest technologies deployed to cut false alarms and boost apprehensions is still the most effective. Find out how Sonitrol and its unique impact-activated audio systems have enamored law enforcement by helping capture the largest number of criminals of any U.S. alarm company. By Chuck Harrelson PEST CONTROL TURNED AGAINST CRIMINALS The technology, developed 50 years ago in Anderson, Ind., found unlikely beginnings in the business of pest control. Sonitrol's founder, Robert Baxter, whose family owned a local termite extermination business, originally invented an electronic listening device to detect and pinpoint the exact locations of termites in the walls of buildings. After designing this and various other acoustic devices, Baxter and his wife coined the company's Sonitrol moniker by combining the words "sound" and "control" in June 1960. Baxter then teamed up with Al Cronk, who owned a local alarm company at the time, and together they established the Sonitrol brand to provide what some say was the most accurate, reliable alarm equipment and comprehensive security solution in the industry. Te frst franchise and Sonitrol's original manufacturing, engineering, and research and development location was established in Anderson in 1964. By 1973, the number of franchise operations had grown to 149 to meet customers' demands. Since then, the primary features of Baxter's original audiobased technology have continued to evolve to ofer an unrivaled security solution for businesses, schools, storefronts, warehouses and numerous other types of facilities. In 1974, with the development of Sonitrol's 5600 System, the company was among the frst in the security industry to begin the transition to computerized central stations as a way to improve operations. Progressive technological advances in the monitoring of impact-activated audio systems during the next 40

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